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RE: Everything from a Food Truck is TAKE OUT FOOD

> A properly run food truck is a superior and hygienic take out experience.

> Your food is usually handled by one chef using gloves and sanitized kitchen utensils, cooked to temperature and and handed to you fresh, often in sealed containers.


> Social Distancing is easy to practice.

<<ALERT>> -- Restaurants are quickly commissioning food trucks! GET ON THE BUILD SCHEDULE NOW! 


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Mile High Custom Food Trucks, Kiosks and Trailers are receiving a massive number of requests and quotes. We are hiring new fabricators to keep up with demand. Book Now Here to get started! Save Denver! ...from hunger! Safely. Contact us Here. Call us here 303-269-9636 and hit the streets! Help feed first responders, grocery store employees, healthcare workers, and other essentials. Set up in your neighborhood! You know we build, remodel and repair, so let's roll!

Restaurants are commissioning trucks now! Mention this website and get a discount! Ask Thomas when you meet with us!


See Below to get in contact! Get it done now! 

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