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The Three Reasons Restaurant Owners are Grabbing Up Food Trucks

All Orders are "Take Out" orders and social distancing is easy to manage.

For Restaurants with food trucks, the trucks were heavily involved in the COVID-19 pivot to "take out" food. A giant mobile billboard with your telephone number parked and serving food screams that WE'RE OPEN! The Trucks expand Delivery Radius and manage social distancing easily outdoors!

The Food Truck Adds Another Income Stream and becomes a Catering and Event Asset!

Catering with a food truck turns every gig into a fun event and promises fresh, hot made-to-order food for your clients! The truck's low-overhead and operating costs allow you to extend the reach of your brick and mortar easily.

Some of our custom food trucks and trailers are built to order to manage catering events and big deliveries!

The Food Truck Is a Huge Mobile Billboard for your business that can be involved in community outreach and other local events.

A Food Truck or Custom Food Trailer is a huge mobile billboard that can become a staple in your community keeping your awesome restaurant in the top your neighbors minds! Sell your cuisine at local events and roll through town for charity and community outreach!